Mono amps run off a 2-V supply

Lexington, Mass. – STMicroelectronics' TS419 and TS421 mono audio amplifiers drive 16 to 32- ohms speakers and earpieces in cellular and cordless phones, PDAs and other portable appliances. The amplifier ICs are available in MiniSO-8 and DFN8 packages.

The parts operate on a supply of just 2 volts and draw a maximum of 2.5 milliamps, the company said. Standby current consumption can be as little as 10 nanoamps. Standby mode can be active high for the TS419 or active low for the TS421.

The amplifier ICs can be ordered with an external-gain configuration or with fixed gain of 6, 12, 18 dB, reducing the need for external components. They also have on/off click-reduction circuitry. In lots of 1,000, they are now available at prices ranging from 37 cents to 41 cents, depending on configuration and package type.

With a Vcc of 5 V, the parts offer typical output power of 295 milliwatts into 16 ohms, at a total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD + N) figure of 1 percent maximum. With a 32- ohms load, output power is 207 mW. With a Vcc of 3.3 V, typical output power is 113 mW into 16 ohms, at a THD + N of 1 percent max. With a 320- ohms load, output power is 81 mW. Signal-to-noise ratio is typically 98 dB with a 5-V supply.

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