More Analog FPGA Starter Kits Ease You Into Designing With New Technology

In a move to give designers a range of prepackaged solutions for building complex analog circuits, Anadigm launched the first of a series of Configurable Analog Starter Kits that include ready-to-use EDA files, source code for dynamic configuration, and extensive step-by-step instructions for implementing the circuit in a field programmable analog array (FPAA).

Three new starter kits are available now from the new Download Center on the Anadigm Web site.

Subwoofer Signal Conditioner: This starter kit presents three examples of potential single-chip FPAA subwoofer signal conditioning circuits. Each example contains a subsonic filter, low-pass filter, and compressor. The filter corner frequencies can be dynamically controlled and compression characteristics can be arbitrarily defined. Also included are a spreadsheet tool to help calculate typical compression characteristics and a sample Microsoft Windows C-code application demonstrating dynamic C-code control of the circuit.

Audio Effects ” Phaser: This starter kit describes a reference design for implementing a simple audio phase shifter using a single AN221E04 FPAA. In addition to guitar effects, its time-base-controlled software implementation provides users with a set of techniques that can be used for implementing a number of circuit types that work on the basis of preset delays or a known time constant. The downloadable software includes source code for dynamic reconfiguration, which is presented in a Windows GUI.

Dynamic Programming Guide ” Low-Frequency Filter Design Kit: This start-up kit explains how to build any type of low-frequency filter using the AnadigmDesigner2 EDA software and a single FPAA device. Complete instructions show how to use C-code automatically generated by AnadigmDesigner2 to control all the attributes of the filter dynamically. This starter kit also introduces a new AnadigmDesigner2 feature that allows direct interfacing with Microsoft C++ or to produce a lab version of a dynamic control tool very quickly.

In addition to these complete starter kits, the new Download Center includes an “AnadigmDesigner2” page where customers can register for and download a copy of AnadigmDesigner2; a “Customer CAMs” page from which users can download individual configurable analog modules, which prepackage basic analog circuit functions; a “Design Guides” page that allows the user to access technical files; and a “Literature Library” page where all documentation is available for download.

A complete evaluation kit with a development board, entry-level software, and updated documentation is now available at a promotional price of $199. Pricing for the FPAA family of silicon products ranges from $4.95 to $7.69 in 10,000-piece quantities.

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