More Than 300,000 Texas Instruments DLP 3D-Ready Projectors Installed Worldwide From the Classroom to the Boardroom

LAS VEGAS , June 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ –Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) DLP® Products gains market traction with the global deployment of 3D-Ready data projectors. As a result of the worldwide commitment to teaching science and math and spurred by stimulus dollars for technology purchases, 3D content and the tools that support it are being widely embraced by industries including government, education, business and house of worship. DLP is showcasing a variety of display solutions for these industries including immersive 3D and interactive projection technologies at this year's Infocomm show in booth #C4717.



“The market for 3D is strong: More than 300,000 total DLP 3D-Ready single chip data projectors have been sold to date, with over a quarter million DLP 3D-Ready projectors sold in 4Q2009 and 1Q2010 alone,” said Dr. William Coggshall, president, Pacific Media Associates. “Looking at the uptake in adoption by those using and developing technology for this space is a good indicator that 3D isn't a trend at all, it's a desirable solution for providing information in an engaging and effective way.”

Utilizing the same award-winning DLP projector technology that made “Avatar” a success at the box office, leading manufacturers are harnessing this immersive method of display. Through the operation of millions of DLP's microscopic mirrors, consumers can experience active visualization and simulation and tour environments as if they were right before their eyes. DLP technology is currently the only single chip data projector that allows for both 2D and 3D projection from one unit.

“Sharing information through the use of 3D projectors provides a hands-on feel to students, resulting in increased understanding and information retention,” said Roger Carver , manager of DLP's front projection business. “As we've seen happen in cinema with our DLP Cinema theater projectors, once the value and interest is established, content and manufacturers come in like a tidal-wave, and DLP is at the crest of the wave, supporting over a dozen brands and over 100 projectors that are 3D-Ready.”  

The ecosystem around 3D display has significantly matured in the past year. Almost every DLP manufacturer is already either offering or developing 3D-Ready projectors for the market. Content is being developed by companies worldwide, and glasses are being released from Eyes3Shut, Optoma, RealD, ViewSonic and XpanD.

Applications for 3D are countless:

  • Briefing military personnel on the latest capabilities for fighter planes as the aircraft pivots to simulate flight on the screen
  • Showcasing the latest plans for a construction project CAD design for a new house of worship
  • Studying anatomy lessons that allow medical students to visually practice heart surgery
  • Creating images of complex molecular bond structures shown with a 360 degree view to chemistry students
  • Bringing movies such as “Avatar” to life in a home theater

Learning this way isn't just fun, it's effective. A recent study of over 1,000 students by JTM Concepts Inc. confirms the average test score increases more than 35 percent when DLP's 3D technology is implemented in the classroom. Most recently, DLP launched pilot programs in more than 10 schools worldwide looking to experiment with the technology with the possibility to roll out through each district.

“Participating in the 3D pilot program with DLP has allowed our students to learn in a whole new way,” said Megan Timme , principal, Hamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet School in Richardson, Texas . “The students particularly enjoyed learning about the volume of complex shapes, which is a particularly difficult concept to not only absorb but to teach using only two dimensions. Hearing them talk about it afterward in such detail let me know that they not only enjoyed it but remembered it. Learning this way could do a lot for increasing test scores and information retention.”

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