MOSFET drivers improve efficiency with high switching speeds, overtemperature protection

Norwood, Mass.—Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) has launched the ADP36xx family of high-speed 18-volt MOSFET drivers that provide 2-A (amps) and 4-A peak currents, and feature propagation delays of 14 ns to 35 ns (nanoseconds) and edge rise/fall times of 10 ns to 25 ns.

The ADP36xx high-current, high-speed, dual 18-volt drivers are capable of driving two independent N-channel power MOSFETs. Using industry-standard packages, the parts have an internal temperature sensor and provide two levels of overtemperature protection: warning and shutdown at extreme junction temperatures. The shutdown function, generated from a precise internal comparator, provides fast system enable or shutdown, allowing redundant overvoltage protection and complementing the protection function of the switching controller.

A wide input voltage range allows the drivers to be compatible with both analog and digital PWM controllers. Digital power controllers are powered by a low voltage supply, while the drivers are powered by a higher voltage supply. UVLO and hysteresis functions allow safe startup and shutdown of the higher voltage supply when used with low-voltage digital controllers.

The device families are available in thermally enhanced SOIC_EP (small outline package with exposed pad) and Mini SO_EP (mini small outline package with exposed pad) packaging to maximize high frequency drive capability in a small PCB (printed circuit board) area.

Pricing: Starts at 78 cents each.
Availability: Now.
Datasheets: ADP3629/ADP3630/ADP3631 and ADP362x/ADP363x.

Analog Devices,

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