MOSFETs meet high power energy efficiency standard

Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced a range of synchronous rectification MOSFETs that enable power supplies to meet the 80 PLUS Silver specification, the industry backed program that encourages energy-efficient power supplies to be designed into desktop computers and servers.

The FDP025N06, FDB024N06, FDP032N08, FDB031N08, FDP047N10, and FDB047N10 are 60V to 100V MOSFETs. According to Fairchild, compared to traditional diode solutions that are limited by higher voltage drops during high current conduction modes, these Power Trench MOSFETs boast a low RDS(ON) (1.9m typically for the FDP025N06) – this is a one-percent improvement in efficiency and meets the 80 PLUS Silver specification for high power applications.

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