MOSFETs stay cool for portable applications

Phoenix, Ariz.&#8212ON Semiconductor says the first six devices in the company's &microCool portfolio of power MOSFETs for portable applications, in thermally-enhanced 2-by-2 mm WDFN6 packages, deliver leading-edge performance for smaller, thinner, faster, and cooler running.

“We have designed the &microCool portfolio to exclusively address the unique power management challenges in portable devices such as lithium-ion battery charging circuits, high and low side load switches, and synchronous buck and boost circuits,” said Thibault Kassir, director of marketing for Power MOSFETS. “These first &microCool devices are just the beginning of what we expect will be an extensive portfolio utilizing our latest trench technology. Operating voltages will range from 8 to 30 volts and a variety of configurations will be offered&#8212including single, dual, FETKy, complementary and integrated load switch.”

The products utilize exposed-drain technology to achieve a thermal resistance of just 38 &degC/W) and power ratings (1.9 watts) in a 42 mm footprint. They deliver up to a 190 percent improvement in steady state power rating over the industry standard SC-88 package, according to the company, and 130 percent improvement over the SC-70-6 flat lead package.

The 20-volt p-channel single NTLJS3113PT1G and the dual NTLJD3115PT1G are both optimized for lithium-ion battery charging applications, featuring an RDS(on) of 42 milliohms, and 100 milliohms, respectively at 4.5 volts. These devices are priced at 30, and 31 cents each in 10k quantities.

The 20-volt p-channel FETKy, the NTLJF3117PT1G (100 milliohms), is optimized to deliver 1.1 volts to a microprocessor from a a 3-4 volt battery input. It's priced at 31 each in 10k unit quantities.

The 30-volt n-channel single NTLJS4159NT1G (RDS= 35 milliohms) and FETKy NTLJF4156NT1G (70 milliohms) are both optimized for synchronous boost applications such as white LED backlighting. These devices are priced at 29 and 30 cents each in 10k-unit quantities.

The 30 volt n-channel dual NTLJD4116NT1G (70 milliohms) is optimized for low side switching such as camera strobe and flash. This device is priced at 30 cents per unit in 10k quantities.

The &microCool MOSFETs have the same footprint dimensions as a standard SC-88 and SC-70-6 package. ON Semiconductor’s latest MOSFETs offer the added feature of an exposed flag on the bottom surface that acts as a drain contact and heat dissipation path. The improved thermal path allows for either greater power handling or operation at a lower junction temperature.

Click here for preliminary information on the &microCool packages. Sample and production quantities of the power MOSFETs are available now, with lead times of 6 to 8 weeks for larger orders.

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