Motion Control IC – with capability of serial communication

Nippon Pulse Motor introduced the G9OOx series Motionnet Chips, which provide the capability of serial communications. Motionnet consists of four chips, the G9001, G9002, G9003 and G9004.

The G9001 is the center device. It has 256-bytes of RAM available for I/O and 512-bytes of RAM for motion control and data communication and can control up to a maximum of 64 local devices. The maximum communication speed is 20Mbps, and the chip uses RS485 communication. It is packaged in a 64-pin QFP.

The G9002 and G9003 serve as the local devices connected to the G9001. Users can connect up to 64 pieces of the G9002 (I/O device), 64 pieces of the G9003 (motion device), or any combination of the two (not to exceed 64 pieces total).
The G9002 is an I/O device that has four 8-bit ports per device, is an 80-pin QFP, and uses cyclic transfer. The G9003 is a single axis motion device that outputs 5Mpps to contorl stepper or servo motors.
The G9003 offers various motion profiles, an encoder signal interface, and the ability to change speed and position on tne fly. The G3003 is an 80-pin QFP.

The G9004 is a CPU emulation device that can operate in either CPU emulation mode or message communication mode. When in CPU emulation mode, the G9004 outputs signals identical to those from CPU terminals and uses data from the G9001. In message communication mode, the G9004 communicates freely with any CPU connected to the G9001 and itself. The G9004 can control various types of CPU, communicate in 256 byte (maximum) groups, and has both 8-bit and 16-bit CPU interfaces. The G9004 is an 80-pin QFP.

Ideal applications for the Motionnet Series would be factory automation, biomedical machines, and semiconductor equipment. Nippon Pulse Motor Co Ltd offers various controllers (boards and chips), drivers (boards and chips), and motors (tin-can) to cover almost any stepper motor application.

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