Motor-control platform reduces costs, increases flexibility

Arrow Electronics, Altera Corp. and National Semiconductor have announced the availability of their jointly developed MotionFire motor-control development platform to North America. Based on Altera's Cyclone III FPGA and using several of National's high-performance signal-path products, the platform is offered as a flexible and power-saving motor-control environment that supports and bridges multiple industrial networking protocols and reduces obsolescence risk.

MotionFire comprises the FireFighter FPGA-based communication baseboard and the FireDriver motor driver power modules, supports state-of-the-art motor-control algorithms and communications IP, and can be used to control various motor types, including stepper, servo, and AC and DC motors. The FireFighter baseboard connects up to six FireDriver plug-in modules or 12 motors, offering motor control, user input/output and real-time Ethernet network communications capabilities.

The Cyclone III FPGA featured in the FireFighter baseboard drives communication options such as Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, Profinet, SERCOS III, CAN, USB, RS485 and other current and next-generation protocols. Also included is an Altera Nios II embedded processor and motor control IP that supports digital encoder or hall sensor-based motor-control interfaces (VHDL source included) and advanced algorithms for current, speed and position.

Pricing for the MotionFire Motor Control Platform is $1,389.

Altera Corporation , (408) 544-7000,
National Semiconductor , (408) 721-5000,
Arrow Electronics, Inc. , (631) 847-2000,

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