MPEG2 Encoder ICs – with analog video-capture function

NEC Electronics announced two MPEG2 encoder devices to incorporate hardware-based analog video-capture functionality for the first time in the industry. The system LSI chips, product names PD61153 and PD61154, have embedded on a single chip an MPEG2 encoder, a three-dimensional (3D) luminance/chrominance (Y/C) separator, a video decoder and a PCI interface supporting 4-channel direct memory access (DMA), which make them a perfect single-chip solution for PCs to capture high quality analog video signals. In addition, the PD61154 chip supports Dolby Digital audio encoding capability. MPEG2 encoding is a key function for compressing video data into the MPEG2 format, and a 3D Y/C separator is a function necessary to suppress the “cross chrominance” and/or “cross luminance” effects seen in conventional 2D Y/C separation, enabling high-quality video capture. A video decoder converts analog video signals to digital signals, while the PCI interface handles the connection to the main PC board. These functions have also been offered by NEC Electronics in previously announced discrete devices for similar applications. NEC Electronics Europe GmbH, 40472 D¼sseldorf, Germany.

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