Multi-band RF synthesizer operates up to 5 GHz

Geneva, Switzerland — STMicroelectronics has unveiled its RF synthesizer with integrated voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs). ST says the STW81103 is the first single-chip device that operates up to 5 GHz, offering the highest frequency coverage in the market. Applications include wireless network infrastructures, CATV systems, instrumentation and test equipment.

To address requirements for minimized phase noise and broadband frequency coverage in radio designs, the STW81103 is said to deliver the industry's best phase-noise performance for single-chip RF synthesizers, with measured values of 0.27 degrees Root Mean Square (RMS) at 1.16 GHz, 0.6 degrees RMS at 2.33 GHz, and 1.5 degrees RMS at 4.67 GHz with a frequency step of 200 kHz.

In addition to broad spectrum coverage of up to 5GHz, the STW81103's embedded VCOs with automatic center-frequency calibration provide multi-band functionality. A single device spans frequency bands from 625 to 762.5 MHz, 1087.5 to 1525 MHz, 2175 to 3050 MHz and 4350 to 5000 MHz, allowing wireless system suppliers to use the device in wideband and multi-band applications.

Pin-to-pin compatible with other members of ST's STW8110x family, the STW81103 is supplied in VFQFN-28 lead-free packages.

Availability: Samples are available now, with volume production slated for early first quarter 2008. Customers can order evaluation kits that include the STWPLLSim software, a simulation tool.
Pricing: $5.39 in quantities of 1, 000.
Product information: STW81103

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