Multi-output regulator supplies chipset, DDR3 memory voltages

Geneva—STMicroelectronics' PM6641 multi-output regulator combines all supply-voltage and reference sources for a multimedia chipset and DDR2/3 memory into a single device.

Housed in a 7 x 7mm QFN-48 package, the PM6641 regulator saves cost and footprint by integrating three programmable switching regulators, a 2A-rated linear low dropout (LDO) and a low-noise reference, and also meets the latest industry specifications for Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPC).

The three outputs are independently adjustable from 0.8V to 2.5V, enabling space savings in a variety of applications, including notebook and sub-notebook PCs, portable gaming terminals, set-top boxes, HDTVs and Personal Video Recorders (PVR). By satisfying power requirements for DDR3 memory, the PM6641 will address new products using the latest high-speed memory standard.

Key features of the PM6641 save additional board space and cost, including out-of-phase switching of the three digital supplies to minimize input-capacitor requirements. The programmable switching frequency from 500kHz to 1MHz allows the use of small inductors, and the device is also optimized for low-cost multilayer ceramic capacitors at the output. In addition, power-saving operation at light loads extends battery life and allows designers to reduce stand-by power consumption.

Protection features include thermal protection, separate power-good signals, latched over-voltage and under-voltage protection, and active soft-end for all outputs. With programmable current-limit and soft-start for all outputs also included, these embedded features ease design-in to multiple products using the reference design provided.

Pricing: $3 in quantities of 1000 units.
Availability: Mass production.
Datasheet: Click here.


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