Multichannel DAC Family supports DVDs and super audio CDs

San Diego, CA and Edinburgh, UK, November 24, 2003 — Wolfson Microelectronics, today introduced a family of low-cost, power-efficient multi-channel digital analog converters (DACs). The six-channel WM8796, WM8766, WM8765, WM8764 and WM8763 and the two-channel WM8792 provide power-saving operation at a low cost with exceptional performance for the next generation of DVD and super audio compact disc (SACD) players.

The WM8796 (six channel) and the WM8792 (two channel) support both pulse coded modulation (PCM), the uncompressed format in which CDs and DVDs are recorded, and direct stream digital (DSD) format for SACD. They combine both formats onto a common interface, thus reducing the number of pins to support both PCM and DSD. The rest of the components support PCM only.

The WM8765, WM8764 and WM8763 are the most economical options of the family featuring hardware-only interfaces with a choice of audio data interface modes. The WM8763 interface is 16- to 24-bit I2S, the WM8764 is 16- to 24-bit left justified and the WM8765 is 24-bit right justified.

The new DAC family has a 103dB signal-to-noise ratio (“A” weighted at 48 kHz). All support sample rates up to 192kHz. The WM8766 and the WM8796 both feature master and slave audio interfaces. The rest act as a slave interface only.

In 10,000-piece lots the WM8765/4/3 are available in 20-pin SSOP at $1.39 (U.S.), the WM8792 in 28-pin SSOP is priced at $1.31, the WM8766 is $1.63, and the WM8796 in 28-pin SSOP is $2.06.

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