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Multiport memory to bridge analog and digital computation

The efforts to leverage the benefits of analog compute in memory are getting attention, and an endorsement of this trend comes from SiliconIntervention being granted a patent titled “Multiport Memory With Analog Port.” The Kelowna, British Columbia-based developer of analog and mixed-signal design technologies is aiming to bridge digital and analog computation with multiport memory solutions.

Here, the analog port functions in read-only mode, and the digital port acts as a write-only port. That allows data in the core memory to be applied to an analog signal while a digital port accesses the core memory for rapid storage of data.

So, a digitally programmed two-port memory can derive a sum-of-products signal from analog input signals. As a result, multiple memories can be used in a programmable analog neural network to implement artificial intelligence (AI) functions.

SiliconIntervention, having a portfolio of over 40 patents, either granted or applied for, was founded in 2019. The analog design upstart generates revenue by delivering design services and analog and mixed-signal IP.

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  2. elvinanall
    August 8, 2022

    Both the analogue and digital ports are read-only. This permits core memory data to be applied to an analogue signal while a digital port quickly stores data.
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