Multiport transceiver includes cell/packet/TDM interface

Dallas — Dallas Semiconductor claims the DS26556 is the only multiport T1/E1/J1 transceiver available with a cell/packet/TDM interface.

This device contains all the line interface and framer functions necessary to connect four T1, E1, or J1 lines. No relays or switched external components are required, and a single clock supports all standard T1, E1, or J1
operating modes. This device supports Utopia (Level 2 and 3) and POS/PHY (Level 2 and 3) system interfaces, as well as a TDM backplane interface that can operate at bus rates up to 16.384 megahertz.

Additional features include software-selectable receive and transmit termination, one high-level data link control (HDLC) controller per port, programmable bit error-rate testing (BERT), and optional crystal-less jitter attenuation.

The DS26556 is available in a small 17 x 17-mm BGA package and is available in commercial and industrial operating temperature ranges.

Prices start at $44 each (1,000-up, FOB USA). Evaluation kits are available.

Click here for more technical information, including a DS26556 data sheet.

For more information, readers can call 1-800-998-8800 or

Note: POS/PHY and POS/PHY Level 3 are trademarks of PMS-Sierra, Inc.

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