Mux combines low jitter and high bit rate

Westlake Village, Calif. — Touting true operation from DC to 20 GHz, Inphi Corp.'s 4:1 broadband multiplexer (mux) was designed for accurate testing across a wide range of frequencies and applications.

Inphi's 2080MX multiplexer is said to offer true operation to 20 GHz with absolutely no holes — frequencies at which the part might not work.

Housed in a QFN plastic package, the device allows test and measurement (T&M) equipment, automatic test equipment (ATE) and military equipment manufacturers to utilize a single device to create high caliber test and measurement products that operate across a wide range of applications including broadband test and measurement tools, Sonet OC-192 equipment, and telecommunications transmission systems, said Kevin Nary, Inphi's vice president of engineering.

All data and clock I/Os use +3.3-volt current mode logic (CML) buffers and include on-chip 50-ohm back-terminations to +3.3 V. The 2080MX operates from a single +3.3-Vdc power supply with power consumption of roughly 1.5 watts. Output amplitudes are 1-V peak to peak differential. A space-qualified part will be available in Q2 2006, according to Inphi.

The 2080MX is expected to sell for $700.00 in small quantities. Parts and evaluation boards are available now. Click here for the 2080MX data sheet.

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