N-Channel MOSFET – for 48V bus distribution power system

ON Semiconductor introduced the NUD3048 – a highly integrated N-Channel MOSFET featuring a breakdown voltage of 100V and a buffered gate voltage rating of 100V – for use in telecom, datacom or any 48V bus distribution power system applications.

The versatile device is the first integrated MOSFET in the industry capable of functioning as a level shifter, a power good signal and an inrush limiter. Additionally, it can be used as a relay drive circuit. ON Semiconductor has taken an industry standard 2N7002x small signal 60V MOSFET and supercharged it into a 100V breakdown voltage N-Channel MOSFET ” creating a highly versatile switching device ideal for a wider range of communications applications. A gate-to-source zener clamp, ESD protection diodes and 100 KOhms gate resistor have been integrated into the device ” eliminating the need for many of the discrete components commonly required to support a 2N7002x MOSFET, shortening the bill of materials list and reducing pc board space usage.

The NUD3048 is offered in a TSOP6 package. Its small size conserves board space and allows maximum board density. The package also enables external connections to both sides of the 100 KOhms integrated gate resistor – enabling a designer to add a gate capacitor to delay turn-on of this device and still meet the timing requirements. Additionally, the TSOP6 packaging ” with 0.72 Ohm maximum on resistance ” enables the device to handle approximately five times the continuous current of the industry standard 2N7002. This in turn allows the device to be used in a wider range of communications applications.

ON Semiconductor , 78148 Velizy Cedex, France.

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