N-channel power MOSFETs target military, avionics applications

A pair of military-grade n-channel power MOSFETs target military, space and avionics applications. The 60-V 2N6660JANTX/JANTXV and 90-V 2N6661JANTX/JANTXV from Vishay Siliconix combine low on-resistance and fast switching speeds in the sealed TO-205AD (TO-39) package. The package is designed to withstand the higher temperatures of military and aerospace applications.

Screened to MIL-PRF-19500, the devices are optimized for use in TTL/CMOS direct logic level interfaces; drivers for relays, solenoids, lamps, hammers, displays, memories and transistors; battery-operated systems; and solid-state relays.

The 60-V 2N6660JANTX/JANTXV offers on-resistance of 1.3 O typical at 10 V, a gate-source threshold voltage of 1.7 V and 8-ns switching speeds. The 90-V 2N6661JANTX/JANTXV provides on-resistance of 3.6 O typical at 10 V, a gate-source threshold voltage of 1.6 V, and switching speeds of 6 ns. Both devices feature low input and output leakage and a 100% internal visual (pre-cap) inspection per MIL-PRF-19500, as well as  input capacitance of 35 pF typical. Additional hi-rel capabilities include MIL-PRF-19500 Group A, Group B, Group C and Group E testing, in addition to a lower-cost -2 flow option (MIL-STD-750 visual and processing).

Samples and production quantities are available now, with lead times of 16 weeks for larger orders. Pricing for U.S. delivery starts at $125 per piece in 1,000-piece quantities for the 2N6660JANTX/JANTXV and $254 per piece for the 2N6661JANTX/JANTXV.

Data sheets
For 2N6660JANTX/ JANTXV, click here.
For 2N6661JANTX/JANTXV, click here.

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