NASA is 60 years old and is now a Spaceport

Happy birthday NASA (They reached 60 years on October 1, 2018)—you have grown up into a Spaceport!

NASA has had their Spaceport Magazine since 1962 but, in my mind, they have only really begun to be a full-fledged Spaceport when Space-X and Boeing moved in, and more recently Blue Origen, Jeff Bezos’ Amazon facility (Blue Origin at Kennedy Space Center).

NASA has explored and is still exploring our universe and beyond. In this effort they have created so many things for space that greatly benefit our Planet Earth. See the video below.

The Soviet Union’s Sputnik kicked our nation into gear in 1957 and this led to the creation of NASA on October 1, 1958 (Although Congress founded the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics on March 3, 1915 in response to the US falling behind European airplane technology.)

NASA is now entering the continuation phase of space exploration along with Space-X and Blue Origen and more partners to come. These commercial companies will play an ever-increasing role in the space industry by launching rockets and satellites, transporting cargo and crew, building infrastructure in low-Earth orbit. NASA will continue to be the global leader, in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) and other worldwide nation’s efforts in scientific discovery, fostering opportunities to turn new knowledge into things that improve life here on Earth.

The Mars 2020 Rover will launch in two years as well (Mars 2020 Rover will carry a drone Copter). Also see my EDN article NASA JPL spacecraft assembly building: Mars 2020 rover

Who knows who may be going to Mars in the 2030s on the Orion Spacecraft?

This astronaut? (Image credit: NASA/Rad Sinyak)

This astronaut? (Image credit: NASA/Rad Sinyak)

Or this astronaut 'Wanna-be'? (Image courtesy of Loretta Taranovich)

Or this astronaut ‘Wanna-be”? (Image courtesy of Loretta Taranovich)

”To boldly go where no man has gone before…”

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  1. ThomasMaloney
    October 15, 2018

    We are very fortunate to be living in the 21st century today and we have so many tech advances that can help us during times of need. Even so, we have to prepare ourselves for the worst-case scenarios in order not to implicate things should they occur once more. We can never predict what is to happen next and our best guard is self-preparedness to be there for our loved ones. Take advantage of tech advances to better our lives and ensure our safety.

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