National flashes smallest LED driver

Santa Clara, Calif.&#8212National Semiconductor says its LM2754 is the world's smallest, fully-integrated flash LED driver.

Taking less than 28 mm2 of board space, the LM2754 solution delivers up to 800 mA. The chip, which can drive up to four LEDs in parallel, features soft-start circuitry to limit inrush current, time-out circuitry to limit flash duration to 1 second, adjustable output power control, and output current limiting.

The LM2754 reduces noise spikes on the input, a common problem when pulling high flash currents from a battery source for cell phone applications. In typical high-power boost converters, the input current and associated noise levels can cause the mobile device to be knocked off of the network, resulting in a dropped call. In that context, the LM2754 “shares” the battery with the RF amplifier to appropriately cut RF power when the (simultaneous) LED and RF load demands are high.

Click here for additional information and to order samples. The LM2754, in a 24-pin, 4-by-4 mm LLP, is priced at $2 each in 1,000-unit quantities.

National Semiconductor , 1-800-272-9959,

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