NEC Electronics unveils low-voltage Power MOSFET devices

NEC Electronics Europe is expanding its NP-Series product portfolio with the addition of new low-voltage Power MOSFET devices with ultra-low on-state resistance RDS(on) and low gate charge QG.

Based on NEC Electronics' SuperJunction1 technology, the new products minimize switching losses and increase system efficiency.

Compared with NEC Electronics' own UMOS-4 trench technology, the SuperJunction1 technology reduces the gate charge and the input capacity by over 40 percent while maintaining the a low on-resistance RDS(on).

The new NP180N04TUJ and NP180N055TUJ Power MOSFETs features an advanced architecture and advanced package designed to manage heat dissipation and reduce power loss with one of the lowest markets RDS(on)max levels, 1.5 mΩ and 2.3 mΩ, respectively. Operating at 40 V or 55 V voltage drain source VDS and ID = 180 A, the new devices meet the demands of high performance application such as Electric Power Steering (EPS) or Integrated Starter Generators (ISG) that require high current capability.

The ISG is a key component concerning future demands on the vehicle such as the constantly growing number of electric devices or the increase of power efficiency. Apart from offering conventional starter and generator functions with one electrical machine, the ISG can be used to implement additional features such as start/stop, boost functions or recuperative braking.

Currently, eight devices are available with SuperJunction1 process technology, achieved by an ultra-fine design rule of 0.35 μm. Four devices under development also feature NEC Electronics' advanced TO-263-7 pin package, which support high drain current rating up to 180 A. Like all members of the NP Series, the new devices are qualified to AEC-Q101, support up to 175 degrees C channel temperature and are lead free with tin-plated leads.


Samples and product information of the new SJ1 Power MOSFETs, NP160N04TUJ, NP180N04TUJ, NP160N055TUJ and NP180N055TUJ, are available upon request. Start of mass production is scheduled for May 2010.

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