New kit simplifies development of inductive touch-sensing designs

Microchip Technology Inc., has released its PICDEM Inductive Touch Development Kit, which makes it easy to develop inductive touch-sensing applications using standard 8-, 16- or 32-bit PIC microcontrollers (MCUs), or 16-bit dsPIC Digital Signal Controller (DSCs).

The kit includes a fully-developed inductive-touch board, complete with embossed metal front panel, source code, schematics and a diagnostic software tool that enables designers to evaluate their application.

Inductive touch sensing's fundamental operating principles enable it to work through a front panel, such as plastic, stainless steel or aluminum, providing a completely sealed user interface that works through gloves and on surfaces that contain liquids. Major applications for inductive touch-sensing user interfaces include those in the appliance market because of the possibility of a stainless-steel front panel; the industrial market because of the technology's robustness; and the automotive market because of the technology's sleek aesthetics and ability to reduce accidental touch triggers.

“Microchip continues to make it easy and inexpensive for engineers to implement touch-sensing interfaces into their designs,” said Derek Carlson, vice president of Microchip's development tools group. “Adding to our mTouch sensing solutions for capacitive and analog-resistive sensing, the PICDEM Inductive Touch Development Kit is one more tool to help designers differentiate their products in the marketplace.”

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