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New oscilloscopes target signal integrity apps

Two new high-definition oscilloscopes claim higher resolution and lower noise, enabling users to analyze much smaller signal artifacts with greater speed and accuracy. That, according to RIGOL Technologies, makes its HDO Series of oscilloscopes highly suitable for high-speed signal integrity applications.

The new oscilloscopes have incorporated a custom ASIC to facilitate sampling with true 12-bit resolution. That, in turn, reduces the quantization level between bits by a factor of 16 for superior precision. Moreover, the chipset ensures a dramatically lower front-end noise than traditional oscilloscopes. “The true 12-bit resolution and lower front-end noise provide engineers with much greater signal fidelity and analysis capabilities for signals from power to communications,” said Chris Armstrong, director of product marketing for RIGOL USA.

The company has also incorporated its burst capture technology in the new oscilloscopes to help users visualize dynamic signals in multiple display modes while minimizing downtime between trigger events. It also allows users to capture signals at a much faster rate.

Source: RIGOL Technologies

The HDO Series oscilloscopes are available in 70 MHz to 800 MHz bandwidths and 2 or 4 channels. The HDO4000 oscilloscopes are available in 200-800 MHz, 4 channels, 4 GSa/sec sampling, 100 μV/division range, and 250 MPts of memory standard with an optional 500 MPts. The HDO1000 oscilloscopes offer 70-200 MHz bandwidth, 2 or 4 channels, 1 GSa/sec sampling, 500 μV/division range, and 50 MPts of memory standard with an optional 100 MPts.

Both HDO4000 and HDO1000 feature 12-bit resolution and a 10.1″ intuitive touchscreen display.

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  1. Elma Davis
    September 29, 2022

    That’s amazing. With low noise and good signal quality, things will be done in the best possible way. For engineers, it will be easier to observe signal fidelity and analysis. All this is quite intriguing, I always make time from working at CV writing website and read these kinds of informative articles. It is always refreshing to learn new things.

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