New Regpack Features Make Data Sharing and Cross-Organizational Integration Easy

Dynamic Information Sharing and Enhanced Integration Power Increases Orders, Profits and New Alliances

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SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 31, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO , Oct. 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Regpack, an online registration, enrollment, and data management software firm, has unveiled first-in-kind features that allow organizations to share dynamic data with anyone and integrate their systems with external systems using only one line of code. The innovations enable organizations to create alliances and partnerships that can boost orders and lower marketing costs.

Designed for small and mid-sized organizations, Regpack provides a secure, online interface to register users, enroll applicants, process payments and manage information, and supplies affordable, enterprise-level, analytical tools that allow organizations to view data in a new, more fluid way. Focused on decisions specific user groups need to make, the tools highlight data trends and deliver statistical insights instantly.

Organizations can readily share documents, images, and messages but, until now they have been unable to share specific sections of complex databases. Regpack's breakthrough technology developed over seven years of doctoral-level research on computer languages and networks by founder Asaf Darash , PhD, makes it possible for organizations to share specific pieces of internal databases with teams across and outside of the organization.

The information remains dynamic with constant updating that allows collaborators to see changes, analytics and reporting in real-time.  Using the new collaboration tool, an organization can supply dynamic information to vendors providing food services for a member association event or, in a different scenario, identify for staff physician only the athletes needing clearance prior to a sports event. Gaining access to dynamic information pulled from multiple sources helps organizations make accurate decisions in shorter time. 

“Sharing is the cornerstone of productivity— the most valuable information comes from databases gathering information from users, suppliers, partners, and payments processors,” Darash said. “Every person inside or outside of the organization should have access to pertinent information to make appropriate decisions. Our technology permits specific data to be shared with certain audiences while keeping intact all the relevant, baseline connections.”

“Normally, data is saved and created as relational units, making it close to impossible to securely share only specific parts of it in a dynamic way. Regpack treats data in a totally different way — it allows us to take any data subset and create connections on an ad-hoc basis. That gives Regpack its unique ability to make connections necessary for dynamic data collaboration,” Darash said.

In another first for data sharing, Regpack’s registration platform gives organizations the capability to integrate data collecting systems thoughout the web easily.  Organizations already could blend Regpack's intelligent data-gathering and registration system with clients websites and branding. Now Regpack accomplishes that process with one line of code. The new feature fosters collaboration and allows organizations to create alliances that lower marketing costs and boost revenues. Non-competing membership associations that decided to integrate online registration systems saw 25 percent more orders and marketing costs reduced by 30 percent, according to Regpack.

“Many organizations with complementary offerings avoided collaboration because integrating product offerings with payment systems, for example, was too complicated,” Darash said. “We thought that really did not make sense, so we changed it,” Darash said.

The Regpack system provides SSL encryption throughout the registration process and, as an added security measure, distributes different data in different databases to protect sensitive information  such as phone numbers, addresses and credit card numbers. Find out more at

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Regpack is an online registration software platform that allows organizations such as sports leagues, conference organizers, camps, membership associations and others to quickly and easily gather applicant information, collect payments and manage user groups. With Regpack, users can create intelligent application processes with just a few clicks. The system provides comprehensive online payment management capabilities and a powerful suite of data management, statistics and reporting tools. To find out more about Regpack, please visit

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