New stand-alone DSP-based daughter card from eInfochips enables advanced video analytics from ObjectVideo

SUNNYVALE, Calif. , March 15 /PRNewswire/ — The need for advanced video analytics (VA) enabled IP camera reference designs is growing in the video surveillance industry. eInfochips, a leading design services company, is addressing this need by offering an IP camera reference design with an integrated video analytics daughter card for a complete solution, the DM365IPNCVA-MT5.

This comprehensive, low power high definition (HD) reference design from eInfochips includes the TMS320DM365 IP Camera reference design from Texas Instruments (TI) plus an integrated video analytics daughter card.  The daughter card, DM6435VA-EIC, runs TI's TMS320DM6435 DaVinci™ video processor to enable ObjectVideo OnBoard® analytics and support the OV Ready™ analytics protocol, as well as other video analytics software solutions.

“Our video analytics card combined with our customization and integration services is targeted to provide rapid time to market and lower development costs for worldwide security and surveillance customers. With this intelligent solution, we are well-placed to provide turnkey solutions to open a new era of development in the surveillance industry for smart HD cameras,” said Ajat Dhawal, director of sales & business development at eInfochips.

“The DM6435-based video analytics daughter card from eInfochips plugs seamlessly into TI's existing DM365-based IP camera reference design providing a low cost, advanced video analytics enabled H.264 solution,” said Cyril Clocher , TI's video business manager. “We are excited that the new DM365IPNCVA-MT5 reference design with eInfochips' VA daughter card provides OEMs and ODMs the ideal platform to develop advanced video analytics enabled IP camera solutions faster.”

“ObjectVideo's analytics have powered cutting edge smart camera solutions for customers worldwide. Besides providing superior VA capabilities, this product is the ideal platform for OEMs/ODMs to realize intelligent camera solutions with lowest time to market along with the greatest flexibility,” said Bob Cutting , ObjectVideo VP of Product Management.

TMS320DM6435 DaVinci video processor-based VA daughter card running OV Ready™ with ObjectVideo OnBoard® analytics

The DM365IPNCVA-MT5 reference design integrates the new DM6435-based VA daughter card from eInfochips, which runs ObjectVideo's intelligent analytics solution, OV Ready™ with ObjectVideo OnBoard® analytics. This video analytics software automatically detects a wide range of events and activities including perimeter breaches, loitering, object removal and abandoned objects for either surveillance or business intelligence gathering. With the set of intelligent analytics library from ObjectVideo, the VA daughter card can be integrated into any video application, such as IP cameras, digital video recorders (DVR), etc. With an on-board power supply, the daughter card provides low power capabilities in a small form factor (61 x 44.5 millimeters). Additionally, the VA card has an on-board secure memory chip and built in memory of 256 MB RAM and 128 MB NAND. It performs real-time analytics with an on-board resizer to scale any video captured from the DM365's main board CMOS sensor and also sends analytics reports such as alerts, JPEG images and event reports to the main board. With this advanced technology, the DM365IPNCVA-MT5 reference design reduces all ownership costs for the developer.

DM365-based IP camera reference design

The small form factor and low power DM365IPNCVA-MT5 reference design is based on TI's DM365 DaVinci video processor and integrates eInfochip's video analytics daughter card based on TI's DM6435 processor. The reference design also includes Aptina's 5-megapixel HD security image sensor with auto white balance and exposure with low noise level and low light performance.  The camera delivers HD images and supports HD encoding rates up to H.264/MPEG-4 1080p at reduced frame rates and 720p full frame rates. Also, the camera facilitates triple stream per channel (H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG). The reference design further reduces cost for designers with the Physical Security Industry Alliance (PSIA) standard support, royalty-free and production ready codecs and a software framework that includes input/output and media application programming interfaces (API).

Pricing and availability

The ready-to-use DM365IPNCVA-MT5 IP camera reference design is open for order entry now from eInfochips and priced at USD $995 plus shipping charges.

The standalone TMS320DM6435 DaVinci video processor-based video analytics daughter card with demo analytics algorithm from eInfochips is also open for order entry now and priced at USD $299 plus shipping charges.

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