New switches offer industry’s highest ESD withstand rating, very low power

June 7, 2004 – Intersil Corporation today announced three new high-performance switches. The MightyMUXTM ISL84714, ISL84715 and ISL84716 are bi-directional, ultra-low resistance, low-voltage, analog signal switches intended for use in cellphones, Smartphones, PDAs and other portable battery-powered products.

The ISL84714 is a guaranteed break-before-make single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch, while the ISL84715 and ISL84716 are normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) SPST switches respectively. The R(ON) conduction resistance of each switch is much less than 1 Ohm over the full input range, which reduces signal loss to improve audio output levels in battery powered handheld products. When operated from a 3.3-V supply, the ISL84714 switches have a typical R(ON) flatness of 0.06 Ohms while the ISL84715 and ISL84716 have a flatness of 0.038 Ohms, making all three new switches ideal for use in low distortion audio paths such as MP3 players in cell phones, and CD audio devices.

Drawing much less than 1 uA from a 3.6-V supply, the very low power consumption contributes to extended battery life in handheld products. A broad 1.65- to 3.6-V supply range makes these devices ideally suited for Alkaline, Nickel-Metal Hydride as well as Lithium-ion and Lithium Polymer battery-powered applications.

When operated from a nominal 3.3-V supply, the devices are 1.8-V logic compatible. Switching speed at a supply of 3 V is typically a very fast 8-ns turn-on and 4-ns turn-off, reducing switching noise. This is particularly important in headphone audio switching applications.

ISL84714, ISL84715 and ISL84716 Technical Summary

  • ISL84714 – break-before-make SPDT, 0.06 Ohm R(ON) flatness
  • ISL84715 – SPST, normally open, 0.038 Ohm R(ON) flatness
  • ISL84716 – SPST, normally closed, 0.038 Ohm R(ON) flatness
  • High 6-kV ESD withstand voltage rating (ISL84714) ” double the competition's capability
  • Complementary N- and P-channel FET architecture
  • Wide supply voltage range of 1.65 to 3.6 V
  • Rail to Rail signal swing with high current output
  • Less than 1 Ohm R(ON) conduction resistance over full input range
    • ISL84714 – 0.70 Ohms max at 2.7 V supply
    • ISL84715 – 0.45 Ohms max at 2.7 V supply
    • ISL84716 – 0.45 Ohms max at 2.7 V supply
  • Fast switching – 8 ns turn-on, 4 ns turn-off typical with 3-V supply
  • Very low power consumption – 0.35 uA max over full temp. range from a 3.6-V supply
  • Very small 2 X 2 mm SC-70 packaging for space-constrained portable applications
  • Pb-free available
  • Drop-in performance upgrades for MAX4714, MAX4715, MAX4716, DG3001, DG3002 and DG3003

ISL84714, ISL84715 and ISL84716 Pricing and Availability
The ISL84714, ISL84715 and ISL84716 are available now. The suggested resale price in 100 to 999-unit quantities is $0.75 for each ISL84714IH, ISL84715IH and ISL84716IH. ICs are available on tape and reel and in Pb-free packaging.

Additional information on these and other high-performance switch and multiplexer solutions can be obtained online from Intersil's Interface Web site at:


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