New TrueFiling™ E-Filing Solution Lets Attorneys E-file to All Courts with a Single System

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SOUTHFIELD, Mich., Dec. 1, 2011

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. , Dec. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — ImageSoft, Inc., of Southfield, Mich. , has announced the launch of TrueFiling™, a unified e-filing system that enables law firms to use a single source to file to multiple courts. 

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With TrueFiling, documents flow from the Internet directly into the case, eliminating travel to and from the court to file cases and saving attorneys considerable time and expense. The 7×24, Web-based, configurable solution supports all case types for Circuit, District and Probate Courts. 

“TrueFiling offers a modern Web interface that is intuitive and easy to use,” said ImageSoft president Scott Bade .  “It enables law firms to make better use of their existing resources and provides greater confidence in the completeness of the case file due to fewer lost or misplaced paper documents.”

The system's built-in electronic response features also facilitate and improve communication between the filer and the court.  TrueFiling provides an electronic audit trail for filings so that all parties are alerted when and if an event occurs. 

Beyond savings and convenience, ImageSoft TrueFiling offers multiple advantages to law firms over other e-filing systems, including:

  • Supports case initiation or filing to an open case
  • Offers a bundling feature that allows the filer to combine several filings into a single transaction
  • Integration with local and state PDF forms reduces data entry, improves data integrity and workflow efficiency
  • Past filings are searchable

How TrueFiling™ Works

First-time users follow a simple online registration process, providing their contact information, email address and a secure password.  After logging in at, the user selects from a list of participating courts and then picks one of three options:

  • Initiate a case
  • File into an existing case
  • Serve parties without filing

To initiate a case, the system provides the necessary forms for the user to complete online.  The filer may also attach any number of supporting documents to include with the filing.

To file into an existing case, the user searches by party, description or docket number, then attaches the required documents.  Parties can be added for optional electronic service, which delivers an electronic link to court-stamped documents via email.  Users may perform electronic service on documents that are filed with the court or on unfiled documents.

“TrueFiling allows attorneys to create filings at their convenience and on their schedule.  Attorneys will find TrueFiling extremely convenient and transparent, and using it will result in more efficient handing of case filings by the courts,” said Bade. 

About ImageSoft

An award-winning company, ImageSoft, Inc., provides technology solutions to automate, streamline and improve workplace processes, increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and save time and money.  ImageSoft serves customers throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico .  Its markets include government, the courts, healthcare, insurance companies, educational institutions, and manufacturers.  For more information visit

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