Newcomer develops high-speed op amps

Phoenix, Ariz. — ON Semiconductor threw its hat in the high-speed operational amplifier ring today with four devices aimed at low power video applications like set-top boxes and security video.

The NCS25xx family of high-speed op amps enable designers to achieve an unprecedented level of power and speed without having to make a cost tradeoff, said Bill Schromm, ON Semiconductor vice president and general manager of the high performance analog product group. These 200 MHz devices allow video designers to achieve 0.02 percent differential gain and 0.1° differential phase, while only consuming 1.1 mA of current draw, he said.

The NCS2500 is a 1.1 mA, 200 MHz current feedback monolithic op amp, featuring a slew rate of 450 V/μs (typical) and low differential gain and phase error. This combination of features allows designers to cleanly drive NTSC/PAL video over 75 Ω lines. The NCS2500 is offered in SC70-5, SOT23-5 and SOIC-8 packages.

The NCS2501 delivers the same function as the NCS2500, but includes an enable input, expressly to minimize battery drain in handheld portable devices. It is offered in the SC70-6, SOT23-6, and SOIC-8 packages.

The NCS2502 is a 110 MHz, 650 μA version of the NCS2501 suited for applications where power is the primary concern, and the full 200 MHz bandwidth is not required. It is available in SC70-6, SOT23-6, and SOIC-8 packages.

The NCS2530 is a triple version (three independent op amps) of the NCS2501. Each op amp can be disabled independently of the others to provide true design flexibility. The device is offered in a TSSOP-16 package.

Over the next three months ON Semiconductor plans to introduce additional high-speed op amps with capabilities up to 1.0 GHz — followed by a series of voltage feedback op amps suited for video matrix switching and other applications where faster slew rates are required, Schromm said.

The NCS25xx devices are priced from $1.05 to $1.53 per unit in 10,000-unit quantities. Click here for the NCS2500 data sheet. Click here for the NCS2501 data sheet. Click here for the NCS2502 data sheet. Click here for the NCS2530 data sheet.

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