Nexperia: Not just another Standard Products company

I recently spoke to Frans Scheper, CEO of Nexperia, which is the former Standard Products division of NXP. On February 7, 2017 this Netherlands-based company, launched their company as an independent business.

 Frans Scheper, CEO of Nexperia

Frans Scheper, CEO of Nexperia

When I first heard about this company, I thought to myself, “Ho-hum, another discrete, Logic and MOSFET company.” Well, I was wrong. Nexperia produced about 85 billion devices with a revenue of over $1.1B US in 2016. The company holds its strong status as an automotive supplier. Scheper told me that they have retained all their qualifications such as the all-important AECQ-100 and AECQ-101 automotive qualifications and they are certified to ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. Their ‘100% solderable side pad packages enable AOI for the tough automotive inspection and reliability standards.

One thing that intrigued me are their three focus areas as a company:

  1. Power efficiency: ‘Efficiency wins’ is a mantra at this company. They are focusing upon IC package efficiency for small footprint on the PC board; Process and product long-term availability, and, of course, low power consumption devices, especially evident in their MOSFET line with low RDSon Trench MOSFETs and N/P-channel MOSFETs.
  2. Protection and filtering: Their ESD Protection line includes all the needed components to ensure a designer’s quest for a robust product design.
  3. Miniaturization: Their packages are ultra-compact such as leadless and leadless options like DFN, Dual Silicon No-lead (DSN), Chip-scale package (CSP), Clip-bond types like LFPAK (In the new millennium this package, introduced by this former NXP group, has similar dimensions to an SO8 but was specifically designed to deliver maximum performance in power applications. It had great success in that it became the first Power-SO8 package to achieve AEC Q101 qualification. Then this also led to a miniaturized version, the LFPAK33) and Ceramic Flat Pack (CFP), as well as standard SMD and power packages.

Scheper commented that his company is keenly aware that even the delayed delivery of a basic discrete diode can stop an automobile or TV from shipping. He also commented that failures could hurt their customers. So they are strongly focused upon quality and on-time deliveries.

Another uniquely interesting aspect of this company is their own Test & Measurement Division, ITEC. More to come on this soon on Planet Analog and EDN.

We will be watching this company closely as they emerge as a key player in the electronics industry with automotive electronics growth, 5G and the IoT.

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