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SAN FRANCISCO, April 5, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO , April 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –, a leading consumer and small business information web site, today announced the launch of its new legal services category, providing in-depth, independent reviews and comparisons of the best online legal services. NextAdvisor's editors tried out six different services in order to determine which provides the best overall value and what users can expect from each.  The online legal services included in the analysis are LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer, CorpNet, US Legal Forms, MyCorporation and LawDepot.

More and more, people are turning to online legal services instead of lawyers to help with their legal issues, but what makes these legal services more attractive than the traditional lawyer? Legal service sites provide legal assistance for far less than a physical lawyer would cost, and in most cases are easier to understand. Whether you need to start a business or fill out your will, these services can help you prep the documentation and file all the paperwork with the correct government agency.

“Why should you go through the whole process of finding a lawyer and retaining their services when you can click on a legal services site, answer a few questions and have them file the paperwork for you?” said's legal editor, Jeff Hindenach . “Legal services are a more efficient, cheaper way to handle your basic legal issues.”

As with all of NextAdvisor's reviews, there were many factors that went into each service's overall ratings. The reviewers focused on two of the most popular options: forming a business and registering a trademark. They walked through the interface for each and answered all the questions to receive personalized documents for each category. In addition, they tested all the general areas of the sites, which included downloading documents, accessing the forums, reading any advice articles and walking through as many different services as they could. They also tested each of the different customer service options, asking both technical and legal questions to each of the services. The reviews and rankings are based on many key components of each site including how user-friendly the site is, how many features the site offers and the customer service options available in both technical and legal advice.

“Many of the sites specialize in different things, so we had to look at the overall value of each site,” said Hindenach. “We looked at the sites from the perspective of an everyday consumer's knowledge of the law and ranked the sites based on how helpful they are to those consumers. Some have more downloadable do-it-yourself documents. Some offer preparation and filing services for most of their forms. And some only focus on business-related legal issues. So there really is something for everyone.”

LegalZoom scored the highest in our testing because of its clean, easy-to-understand interface, helpful customer service and long list of features. Rocket Lawyer also scored 5 stars due to its innovative yet simple interface and its wide swath of legal forms and services. While CorpNet also scored high with its ease-of-use and truly superior customer service, it only rated 4 stars because its list of features was limited as it only caters to small businesses that are just starting out.

You can read NextAdvisor's online legal services reviews here:

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