Nitronex : Doherty power amplifier targets WiMAX applications

Nitronex has partnered with Prescient Wireless to develop a broadband Doherty power amplifier for WiMAX applications. Based on Nitronex's NPT25100, the design provides 20W linear power from 2.5 to 2.7GHz while achieving over 30% efficiency, and 2% EVM with digital pre-distortion.

“We are excited to achieve the 20W milestone using our GaN-on-Si power transistor technology. Customers asked us to increase our power levels while further reducing our industry-leading price point for WiMAX power amplifiers. These results show our commitment to meet their needs,” said Ray Campton, Marketing Director at Nitronex. “Prescient Wireless' expertise in power amplifier design allows us to deliver a reference design with instant credibility in the wireless infrastructure field.”

Typical performance numbers were taken using a mobile WiMAX waveform defined as single carrier OFDMA 64-QAM ≤, 10MHz channel bandwidth, 9.5dB PAR @ 0.01% probability during the transmit portion of a 50% duty cycle TDD signal.

The reference design consists of the schematic, bill of materials, circuit board layout files, detailed performance data, and other documents describing the design. Built and tested Doherty application boards are available for a suggested resale price of $1950. Reference design documentation and other information are available on the Nitronex web site at

For more information about Nitronex's GaN-on-Si products, contact Nitronex at 2305 Presidential Dr., Durham, NC, 27703; call 919-424-9100; or e-mail .

About Nitronex

Specializing in the development and manufacturing of gallium nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) RF power devices, Nitronex is the global leader in high-performance GaN-on-Si RF power devices. Based on its patented SIGANTIC® process – gallium nitride on silicon technology – Nitronex is at the forefront of commercializing GaN technology for RF applications. The company's ability to combine the disciplines of material growth, wafer processing, device design and wireless applications knowledge is unique to the industry.

Nitronex was founded in 1999 by graduates of the wide bandgap program at North Carolina State University and is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. It holds 19 patents with 19 others pending.

About Prescient Wireless

Prescient Wireless is an established supplier of RF products and design services to the wireless and avionics industries. With extensive commercial experience in Base Station and RF subsystem architecture, design and manufacture, Prescient Wireless is well positioned to meet the needs of the emerging WiMAX market. Prescient's initial WiMAX product, the PW1100A Radio Development Platform, is a highly flexible OBSAI RP3-01 compliant rack mount 2×2 RRH that is targeted for lab and development use. Prescient Wireless was established as an independent company in early 2006 via a spin off from a leading subsystem supplier.

For more information about Prescient Wireless products and services contact Prescient Wireless at 300 Park Boulevard, Suite 260, Itasca, IL 60143; call 630-775-1000; or e-mail ; or visit our website

For more information, contact:
Ray Crampton
Director of Marketing

Kara Thompson
Sales and Marketing Assistant

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