NXP DAC1627D1G25 RF digital-to-analog converter

NXP Semiconductors has unveiled a 16-bit dual-channel LVDS DDR interface digital-to-analog converter, which supports output update rates of up to 1.25 Gsps. The company claims that the high-speed DAC offers best-in-class single tone SFDR performance and two-tone intermodulation distortion across a broad output bandwidth of 200 MHz.

Developed primarily for wireless infrastructure applications, the DAC1627D1G25 is fully compliant to the Multi-Carrier GSM spectral mask and the LTE and LTE-Advanced transmit specification, with comfortable margins.  As a result, the DAC1627D is ideal for multi-standard radio base stations, allowing design engineers to employ a single DAC transmit architecture, which minimizes the system bill-of-material costs.     
Maury Wood, general manager, High Speed Converters product line, NXP Semiconductors, declared: “The opportunity for this DAC is focused on base stations and wireless infrastructure that is associated with the dramatic growth in mobile data traffic. We are currently seeing around 0.6 exabytes per month of global mobile data traffic which is estimated to go up to 6.3 exabytes per month by 2015. What is driving that growth is mostly video with internet access, M2M connections as well as gaming and VOIP. There is a lot of growth in mobile data traffic which is driving a need for base stations. The new converters we are developing will be used in macro, micro and pico base stations.”

“The DAC1627D1G25 is a high-speed 16-bit, dual-channel radio frequency DAC which uses a LVDS DDR digital parallel interface.  We will have over the next few months a CGVxpress version of this device which uses the serial interface which allows us to put it into a smaller package. When combined with CGVxpress and CGV, NXP's implementation of the industry-leading JESD204A high speed serial interface, NXP has a roadmap that meets the most demanding digital radio transmitter signal fidelity requirements.”

“Perhaps the most important point, however, is that we are fully compliant to the very challenging Multi-Carrier GSM spectral mask which requires a combination of high linearity, low noise and high dynamic range. We also comply with LTE/LTE-A Tx specifications by a comfortable margin.”

The DAC1627D incorporates elements of NXP's CGV technology feature set, including Multi-Device Synchronization (MDS), which solves tough system synchronization and latency challenges in many digital communications system applications, including MIMO and active antenna array LTE radio base stations.      

The first public demonstration of the DAC1627D will be made in the NXP booth at IMS2011, the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium held June 7-9, 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland. NXP also plans to showcase at IMS2011 the DAC1627D1G25 plus the BGX7100 IQ Modulator on a dedicated evaluation/demonstration printed circuit board which, in combination, deliver optimum RF performance.

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