NXP dual channel Class-D amplifiers bring high quality sound to in-vehicle applications

London, UK ” NXP has introduced a family of dual channel Class-D amplifiers that promise cutting-edge sound quality for vehicle audio entertainment applications.

The NXP TDF8599 Class-D family's maximum output power ranges from 70 to 130 watts (250 watts mono), which represents significantly reduced power dissipation in the vehicle head-unit when compared to traditional Class-AB amplifiers, says NXP. Low dissipation enables the TDF8599 to be used with a smaller heat sink than those normally used with standard class-AB amplifiers, for example.

“With our new TDF8599 Class-D stereo amplifier family, we offer an outstanding audio experience while further driving down power consumption. We are creating the ideal technology platform to support next generation in-vehicle infotainment,” said Dr. Tobias Helbig, senior director audio power in BL Car Entertainment Solutions, NXP Semiconductors. “As car manufacturers continue to identify new opportunities to improve the passenger experience, and integrate an increasing range of functionality into their latest vehicles, it's critical that in-car energy consumption is effectively and responsibly managed.”

The TDF8599 family includes the TDF8599A and TDF8599B dual Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) car audio amplifiers comprising a dual NDMOS-Transistor output stage based on Silicon On Insulator (SOI) BCD MOS technology. The NXP TDF8599A can operate in either non-I2C-bus mode or I2C-bus mode. When in I2C-bus mode, DC load detection results and fault conditions can be easily read back to the device. Up to 15 I2C-bus addresses can be selected. All products are fully qualified according to the AEC-Q100 automotive quality standard.

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