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This just came across my desk. NXP is presenting a seminar on its new line of power MOSFETs on October 30 (tomorrow — sorry for the short notice). The material covers devices that are low voltage, low on-resistance (RDSon of tens to hundreds of milliohms), drain current capability of 3A, and all in a package that occupies about one millimeter square.

(Source: NXP)

(Source: NXP)

These devices will see use in various portable/battery powered applications. If you're designing smartphones, e-readers, tablets, portable medical diagnostic devices, or similar, these devices should prove useful. The package is a DFN and is described as either very small or ultra-small. In a package that is around 1 mm on each side, the names are entirely appropriate.

While these devices are not intended for high-power switching regulators, they will see use as very small load switches, charger switches, and load actuators. They can also be used in low-power buck or boost regulators and low-power linear or LDO regulators.

Some of what NXP says you can expect to learn about:

  • How space saving pays off by using smaller leadless package MOSFETs
  • Thermal capability and related maximum drain current of these new devices
  • Advantages of the special “wettable flanks” for optical solder joint control

So, if you need to address the trends toward higher efficiency, increased power density, and lower power consumption, these devices will surely help. The seminar is on Wednesday, October 30, starting at 9:00 a.m. PT, 12:00 noon ET, 16:00 GMT/UTC. To register, click here.

— Brad Albing, Editor-in-Chief, Planet Analog and Integration Nation Circle me on Google+

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  1. yalanand
    October 31, 2013

    @Brad, thanks for sharing the link. I just watched the webinar and found it very informative. Thank you.

  2. Brad_Albing
    November 4, 2013

    @yalanand – glad you found it useful. And next time, I try to get the info out a little sooner.

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