NXP unveils highest RF output power for L-band radar applications

NXP Semiconductors has expanded the company's RF power transistors portfolio with the launch of its Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor (LDMOS) transistor for L-band radar applications delivering RF output power of 500W at frequencies between 1.2GHz and 1.4GHz.

Targeted at a wide range of L-band radar applications, NXP's LDMOS L-band RF power transistor sets new standards for efficiency (>50 percent drain efficiency), gain (17dB) and ruggedness at 500W power level when compared to competing bipolar.

Key performance parameters for NXP's L-band RF transistor (BLL6H1214-500), include:

500W peak output power (at 1.4GHz, 100s pulse width, 25 percent duty cycle)

17dB gain

50 percent drain efficiency

Improved ruggedness

Overdrive without risk up to 5dB

Improved pulse droop (0.2dB)

Supply Voltage 50V

Non-toxic packaging and ROHS compliance

NXP's device combines the power density of bipolar with the advantages of LDMOS technology for L- band Radar design, and allows for a replacement of the BeO containing packages by an environmentally friendly ceramic package.


NXP's BLL6H1214-500 LDMOS L-band RF power transistor is available immediately.

More information on NXP's BLL6H1214-500

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