Octal receiver targets high end portable ultrasound market

Recognising the growth in high-performance, portable ultrasound equipment in hospitals, clinics and mobile emergency units, Analog Devices has introduced two eight-channel (octal) ultrasound receivers to meet designers demands for a better balance between image quality and power efficiency. The AD9272, said to offer low terminated noise offers superior image quality for mobile, cart-based ultrasound systems, whilst the AD9273 has been designed for power-efficiency and suits portable ultrasound systems.

Analog Devices says that the AD9272 has a low input referred noise when operating under real world conditions, and a 6 dB/rtHz better input dynamic range than competing devices. Power dissipation is less than 100 mW per channel at 12bits and 40 Msamples/s for the AD9273, extends portable ultrasound battery life.

Both the AD9272 and AD9273 feature a variable gain range of up to 42 dB, a selection of anti-aliasing filter options, and pin-compatibility with other products in the ADI family. The AD9272 contains an ADC with a conversion
rate of up to 80 Msamples/s; and the AD9273 includes an ADC with a conversion rate of up to 50 Msamples/s.

Both devices are already sampling. They come in a 100-lead TQFP, and evaluation platforms are available for each.

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