Octasic introduces low-power enhanced voice processing

Octasic Semiconductor enhanced its OCT6100 family with lower power, and lower cost devices that, according to the company, enables higher density and voice quality for designs down to 4 channels.

As echo cancellation moves from a standalone box to an internal embedded feature of gateway and switching equipment, designers face increasing demands for lower power to meet density targets, while improving quality. The OCT6100L is designed to compress product development time and provide cost efficient, power efficient, performance driven silicon for the enterprise and carrier equipment markets.

“With over 15 million ports deployed, the OCT6100 has been a great success. We are pleased with the acceptance of this architecture. Now, with the OCT6100L, Octasic can respond to the most stringent customer requirements for density and cost,” explains Doug Morrissey, Octasic CTO. “The result of our partnership with STMicroelectronics, this device represents the first of many that leverage their impressive capabilities to deliver market leading performance.”

The OCT6100L demonstrates a successful migration to 130nm technology using the STMicroelectronics process, while continuing to deliver all the features of the popular OCT6100 device.

“We believe that the implementation of Octasic's unique design in ST's world-class process technology will result in a market leading product,” says Daniel Abecassis, Group Vice President and General Manager of ST’s Wireless Infrastructure Division. “The next step is to produce Octasic's next-generation device that will take full advantage of ST's 90nm process.”

VoIP is being deployed in many demanding business environments; meeting voice quality expectations is a major concern and challenge. By providing its carrier class solution at a cost point for small equipment Octasic provides customers with a competitive edge in voice quality. Such features as Octasic Music Protection, Acoustic Echo Control (AEC), Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR), and extensive conferencing capabilities allow for these IPBX equipment providers to easily implement high-end capabilities in a uniform manner from the smallest to largest products.

By lowering core voltage from 1.8V to 1.2V, the OCT6100L cuts the already impressive power performance of the original device in half, to less than 1.5 mW per fully featured channel. Combined with ease of integration, the device is suited to adding or enhancing echo cancellation of existing platforms, providing a more cost effective solution for carriers.

The OCT6100L leverages the extensive field experience of the existing devices which are qualified into several leading carrier networks. The low power and space requirement of the solution provides the opportunity to retrofit existing equipments that require external echo cancellation with minimal re-design. Previously this redesign would require a reduction in capacity to accommodate the boards required, a daughter board for an existing line card now becomes an option, preserving the original configurations and density of the equipment.

Pricing and availability
Samples of OCT6100L are currently available; production quantities are planned for early 2006, with pricing under $0.50 per channel in volume quantities.

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