Off-the-shelf LF antenna driver IC for hands-free car access systems

Heilbronn, Germany — Claiming an industry first, the ATA5279 is an LF coil driver IC from Atmel Corporation that has been designed for Passive Entry Go (PEG) and Passive Go (PG) hands-free car access systems. Compared to today's discrete or ASIC solutions, this IC enables much smaller and considerably less expensive designs, while at the same time offering increased reliability.

The ATA5279 is capable of sequentially driving up to six separate 125 kHz low-frequency antennas (i.e., coils) to provide a wake-up and initialization channel to the key fob. Superior EMC behavior is guaranteed by the sinusoidal-like output signals at all six channels, which helps avoid interferences with other electronic car components. In addition, the IC has twenty individually selectable coil currents steps at each channel to enable precise field-strength measurements.

Boasting superior diagnostics, the LF coil driver IC monitors all six connected antennas and stores any possible failures in the internal register. As a result of this, it protects the system and itself from any damage, reducing service work at the OEM's assembly line and their authorized repair shops.

The ATA5279 is manufactured using the company's own BCD-on-SOI (SMART-I.S.®) technology, which, amongst others, results in a very low power-down current consumption of 6 µA to 8 µA, thus minimizing battery usage. The IC also meets strict automotive qualification demands by withstanding load dump and jump start scenarios as specified by ISO/TR 7637/1. Full protection against electrical and thermal overloads is standard.

Further information and a data sheet are available.

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