Oled driver powers 2.5in portable displays

The drive for more power efficient displays has prompted Texas Instruments to release an organic light emitting diode (OLED) power driver for small form factor displays.
The TPS65136 supports active matrix OLED (AMOLED) displays up to 2.5in, typically used in mobile phones, digital cameras and portable media players. Each pixel in an AMOLED emits its own light, resulting in high colour saturation, thin form factor, high contrast ratio and low power consumption when compared to passive matrix displays.
This ic employs new converter technology. According to TI, a buck-boost topology enables one 2.2-H inductor to generate a positive voltage up to 4.6 V and adjustable negative output voltage down to -7 V. Using one inductor to generate positive and negative voltages means a smaller footprint and reduced component count, compared to other display drivers. In addition, the input voltage can be above or below the positive output voltage, allowing it to support new batteries with a starting voltage up to 4.8 V.
TI claims that the converter technology used in the TPS65136 results in excellent line and load regulation, which is required to avoid potential display disturbances in mobile devices during transmit periods. The converter also boasts lower switching frequency as the load current decreases to maintain high efficiency over the entire load current range. The TPS65136 maintains the switching frequency above the audible range with a voltage-controlled oscillator to avoid causing audible noise from the vibration of the ceramic output capacitors.
The TPS65136, available in a 16pin QFN package, is already shipping in. For more information, go to

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