OmniVision Technology for improved surveillance imaging

OmniVision has a really talented team of designers and engineers that have developed some state-of-the-art camera front ends with low noise and low power consumption IC designs.

Figure 1

Nyxel technology

Nyxel technology

Figure 2

Original Quantum Efficiency (QE)

Original Quantum Efficiency (QE)

Figure 3

Improved Quantum Efficiency (QE)

Improved Quantum Efficiency (QE)

See this video about Nyxel:

Elevated ULL and NIR Performance, combined with high resolution and low power consumption enables Remote Surveillance Security Cameras that have AI for Accurate Facial Recognition in all lighting conditions.

OmniVision’s OS02C10, a 2.9-micron, 2-megapixel image sensor with breakthrough ultra-low-light (ULL) technology is a key reason for these capabilities.

By combining ULL with OmniVision's industry-leading Nyxel(tm) near-infrared (NIR) technology, the OS02C10 works equally well in all lighting conditions. It can detect incident light in both visible and NIR wavelengths and produce precise color and monochrome images for security applications.

The OS02C10 has exceptional quantum efficiency (QE) of 60% at 850nm and 40% at 940nm, which the company claims is 2x to 4x better than competing devices. With this level of QE the camera is able to employ the use of lower-power IR illumination in total darkness, which will give an estimated 3x reduction in system-level power consumption. 940nm NIR lighting cannot be detected by the human eye in dark indoor settings, but 850nm light is ideal for outdoor security cameras. The OS02C10's ability to capture crisp, clear images using undetectable 940nm NIR light means that indoor security cameras will not disturb sleeping occupants and can be easily concealed from intruders.

Figure 4

The amount of NIR light that a sensor requires to capture high-quality images can be quantified with a new metric called NIR SNR1, that takes into account the QE, pixel size and read noise. The OS02C10 achieves an SNR1850nm of 23nw/cm2 and an SNR1940nm of 31nw/cm2 , which are 2x to 4x smaller numbers compared with the leading competitors' sensors. For the designers of security cameras that operate in total darkness, this means they can reduce IR illumination to consume 2x to 4x less power compared to the competitors' sensors, for the same environment and over the same image-detection range.

The OS02C10 has a superior low-noise design, achieving an SNR1 of 0.16 lux while producing high definition 1080p images. OmniVision's proprietary dual-conversion-gain technology allows this sensor to achieve the industry's best ULL performance, while the 3-frame staggered shutter minimizes motion artifacts and enables a high dynamic range (HDR) of 120 dB. Additionally, these technologies are easily upgradable to 2K and 4K resolution as security systems begin their transition to higher-quality displays.

OmniVision’s OS02C10 image sensor is available now in an extremely small package that is 8903 x 7100 µm.

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