Omron’s architecture shrinks optical coarse wave multiplexers/demultiplexers


Omron Electronic Components expects to make inroads into a new market for the company with its P1X4 (4-channel) and P1X8 (8- channel) coarse wave division multiplexers (CWDM), which it claims utilize a simplification in architecture to achieve the world's smallest size.

About three years ago, Omron established the Photonics Device Development group in Japan. These latest devices represent the most recent product additions to this group, according to the company. The P1X4 and P1X8 are Omron's very first CWDMs.

Originally, Omron began using its micro lens array (MLA) technology to make backlight micro lens arrays (BMLAs) for cell phone screens 15 years ago. Omron currently sells millions of BMLAs per month. The company is leveraging this technology, along with its precision assembly and actuator experience, to now make very small fiber-optic components, including these P1X4 and P1X8 devices.

The lens and other optical elements are manufactured through replication, utilizing arrayed parts to reduce the number of components, and achieving self-alignment by arraying parts together, realizing extremely low costs, according to Omron.

In the past, manufacturers of optical switching components have used principally semi automated and hand-made production techniques based around the standards of single mode fiber (SMF) communication. This often requires intensive dynamic adjustment and precise fiber routing to ensure an extremely high level of signal switching integrity.

Omron is able to mass produce optical devices switching light signals within the network subscriber (street node circuits such as ADSL, SDSL, FTTH) and other associated connections in metropolitan and local area networks (MAN and LAN) where typical distances of up to 12 miles are encountered and long-haul performance is not required.

This reduction in size, along with a miniature multi-layer thin film filter combined in a proprietary structure, ensure cost competitive performance in this miniature form factor, according to Omron.

These compact 4 and 8 channel mux/demux units measure only 7.2mm (W) x 14.5mm (L) x 4.7mm (H). The P1X4 and P1X8 are available with optional connectors to fit a wide range of network requirements.

These components are practical for use as CWDMs and in passive optical networks, including B-PON, E-PON, G-PON and WDM-PON, SAN, OADM and also in metro and metro edge networks including LX4 applications.

The P1X4 and P1X8 components are currently available and are priced at $80/channel in sample quantities.

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