On-line 2 and 3kVA UPS protects telecom, lab, and computer-based equipment

Irwindale, CA – Falcon Electric, an innovator of single-phase on-line Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), introduces on-line, sinewave 2 and 3kVA UPSs. The SG Series 2 and 3kVA UPS Plus feature a small footprint with 230Vac input and dual output of 208/220/230/240Vac and isolated 120Vac. They provide power protection for sensitive equipment that requires a UPS with dual outputs and the advantages of galvanic isolation. Galvanic isolation is a must when the elimination of common mode noise or isolation from utility power is required. This feature is not found in most of the UPS products on the market. Applications include industrial control systems, telecommunications equipment, laboratory equipment, computer-based LAN and WAN systems and others.

Typically, dual output UPS models much larger, but Falcon has kept the size to a minimum. They measure 13.8 x 7.6 x 30 inches (H x W x D).

The SG Series 2 & 3kVA are list priced at $2,889 and $3,139, respectively.

The SG 2 and 3kVA UPS Plus are true double-conversion on-line, sinewave UPS. They continually regenerate new, clean AC power via an AC-DC-AC inverter, thereby providing a high level of protection against serious power problems that affect sensitive industrial, laboratory, telecommunications and computerized equipment.

Other standard features include: input power factor correction, a wide input voltage window, tight voltage regulation (+3%), auto restart, a comprehensive front panel user interface, site wiring indicator and multi-stage surge protection.

These products incorporate advanced microprocessor control, monitoring and communications circuitry. Remote management and monitoring functions are available through a standard RS-232 port, or an optional TCP-IP addressable SNMP/HTTP board through a standard 10BaseT Ethernet port. Several types of optional contact interfaces are available. Other options include: an international frequency conversion equipment usage worldwide. Falcon also offers a wide range of extended battery packs and charger options.

Located in Irwindale, CA, Falcon Electric, Inc. manufactures and distributes power solutions to government, financial, telecom, computer and other industries with critical power requirements.

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