On-line evaluation tool simplifies implementing DDS semiconductors

Norwood, Mass.&#151 Analog Devices Inc. has expanded its suite of online evaluation tools with the launching of ADIsimDDS. Available to designers at no charge on ADI's Web site, the ADIsimDDS tool assists users in selecting,
evaluating and troubleshooting direct digital synthesis (DDS) ICs from
Analog Devices.

Using parametric data to mathematically model the
general behavior of a selected DDS IC, it allows designers to enter
the desired operating conditions, evaluate the quality of the
circuit's sine wave and view the resulting harmonic images. The tool,
which does not require a software download, is accessible in real-time

“As is the case with our entire suite of ADIsim tools, designers can quickly and efficiently conduct real-time simulations, trial-test various configurations, get help with support software and troubleshoot potential problems when
implementing DDS ICs in their design,” said David Kress, director of applications engineering at Analog Devices.

The ADIsimDDS tool allows designers to choose a DDS IC from among
ADI's portfolio of products and set general parameters, such as the
desired reference clock frequency, output frequency and number of
reference clock multipliers required. By observing the behavior of the
DDS IC within these parameters, designers obtain a real-time
representation of the circuit's harmonic images and sine wave quality.

To assist designers in choosing a filter, the tool is especially
effective for frequency planning, which helps minimize the complexity
of the filter's design. Designers who are not familiar with DDS ICs
will benefit from the tool's ability to troubleshoot potential
problems. For example, interactive message flags issue a series of
warnings if a circuit configuration may lead to operational issues or
if the circuit would degrade overall system performance. This feature
helps to ensure that each circuit meets performance characteristics,
greatly reducing the possibility of costly, time-consuming circuit
redesigns. National Instruments' LabVIEW, a software tool for
designing test, measurement and control systems provides ADIsimDDS
with a familiar graphical user interface (GUI) and processes related
computational tasks.

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