On-line training gives hands-on experience in programmable analog design

Tempe, AZ — Now systems designers can get personalized distance training in a programmable analog technology that accelerates product engineering, bring products to market faster, and creates new capabilities that translate into a competitive edge. Beginning in August 2004, Anadigm is launching an On-Line Personal Training program that will provide participants with a hands-on, small-group setting in which they can start designing and implementing complex analog circuits with Field Programmable Analog Arrays (FPAAs).

The analog equivalent to the FPGA, FPAAs from Anadigm are programmable ICs that put analog circuits under software control — and thus in the hands of the system designer. They are also the first analog ICs on the market that can be controlled, updated, and manipulated by the system processor on the fly. With FPAAs, designers can dramatically reduce their design cycles while adding new capabilities to their products — such as the ability to be calibrated or updated in the field or to adjust automatically to changing environmental conditions in real time.

Hosted by members of Anadigm's applications team, the On-Line Personal Training seminars will provide real-time training in the use of the AnadigmDesigner2 EDA tool, which enables drag-and-drop design of user-parametizable analog circuits. Topics will include FPAA capabilities and applications, the AnadigmPID and AnadigmFilter synthesis tools, and use of the FPAA's dynamic reconfiguration feature, which allows analog circuits to be dynamically reconfigured. As part of the curriculum, participants will design and simulate actual programmable circuits and then create dynamic C-code that allows their circuits to be controlled in real time by a system microprocessor.

The On-line Personal Training seminar series is organized into three 60- to 90-minute calls held on consecutive days. In the first class, the Anadigm seminar leader will provide an overview of Anadigmvortex FPAAs, explain how they work, and discuss the applications in which they are most useful. In the second class, the presentation will focus on the process of configuring FPAAs with AnadigmDesigner2 and the high-level AnadigmPID and AnadigmFilter synthesis tools. In the final session, participants will learn in more detail how to work with the Anadigmvortex hardware development platform, the FPAA hardware and to dynamically configure FPAAs using AnadigmDesigner2 auto-generated C-code.

Attendance at each On-Line Personal Training seminar will be limited to facilitate interaction between the participants and moderator. The seminars are free, but advance registration is required. The complete schedule and online registration are available at the Anadigm Web site.

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