ON Semi enters frequency control market with PLL-based clock modules

Phoenix, Ariz. — ON Semiconductor has expanded its high-performance clock and data management portfolio with the introduction of nine PureEdge PLL-based clock modules for crystal oscillator (XO) replacement. Marking the company's entry into the frequency control market, the NBXxxxx series is suitable for high-speed networking, telecom, and high-end computing applications.

The silicon-based crystal oscillator modules — the NBXSBA010, NBXDBA012, NBXDBA014, NBXDBA015, NBXDDA016, NBXDBA017, NBXDBA018, NBXSBA020 and NBXSBA021 — use a high Q fundamental mode crystal and analog phase lock loop (PLL) multiplier to provide single or dual frequency, ultra-low jitter and a phase noise LVPECL/CML differential output.

Delivering ultra-low jitter and phase noise, the NBXSxxx (single frequency)/NBXDxxx (dual frequency) family of crystal oscillators are said to offer the industry's best long-term time domain jitter performance and excellent device noise floor of -163 dBc/Hz at 10-MHz offset with phase RMS jitter of 0.4 picoseconds (ps) (12 Hz to 20 MHz).

These sub-picosecond jitter quality clocks deliver single and/or dual frequency of 100 MHz, 106.25 MHz, 125 MHz, 155.52 MHz, 156.25 MHz, 200.00 MHz, 212.5 MHz, 250 MHz, 311.04 MHz and 312.5 MHz that are well-suited for 1x/2x FibreChannel, SATA, iSCSI, PCIe, SONET/SDH, Ethernet and clock margining applications. The devices are available in a 5.0 x 7.0-mm SMD (CLCC-6) package.

Pricing: The NBXSxxx (single frequency) and NBXDxxx (dual frequency) devices are budgetary priced at $5.99 for +/-50 ppm devices and $7.50 for +/-20 ppm each in quantities of 1,000.
Product information: NBXSxxx and NBXDxxx devices

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