On Semiconductor introduces a hot swap protection IC with built-in charge pump

Velizy, France — ON Semiconductor has expanded its SMART HotPlug™ family with the NIS5102 high side hot swap protection IC with built-in charge pump and accurate temperature sensing circuitry. Designed for computing and telecom applications, it combines a power MOSFET with control circuitry and thermal protection. This integrated approach simplifies implementation of vital hot-swap protection in high availability +12 V systems and is ideal for use in distributed power systems, servers, disk arrays and powered board insertion applications. The NIS5102 offers designers an integrated solution for limiting inrush current generated when plugging electronic equipment into a running or hot system without causing interruption or damage to the system or the electronic equipment. Specifically, it is designed to allow safe insertion and removal of electronic equipment into +12 V backplanes. The smart MOSFET with current mirror eliminates the need for a larger and more expensive external power sense resistor. Temperature sensing diodes provide accurate and hassle-free thermal protection. An adjustable current limiting feature enables the designer to set the maximum inrush current from 20 A to less than an A. Under-voltage and over-voltage lockouts prevent the load from seeing a potentially unsafe operating voltage. The device can run at a 10 A continuous current with only a 0.5 in 2 copper pad and no additional heat sink or air flow. The NIS5102 is the second integrated Smart HotPlug™ devices introduced by ON Semiconductor. Last year, the NIS5101 hot swap protection device designed for -48 V backplanes was debuted. By the end of 2005 three additional SMART HotPlug™ devices will be launched. The NIS5102QP1HT1G (Latch) and NIS5102QP2HT1G (Auto-Retry) are available in a 12-pin DFN Pb-free package that measures 9 x 9 mm. The devices are priced at $2.38 per unit in 2,000 unit quantities. ON Semiconductor , Velizy, France.

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