OnCore Version 11.0 Offers Unprecedented Configurability of Enterprise-wide Clinical Research Data Management

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MADISON, Wis., May 19, 2011

MADISON, Wis. , May 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Large clinical research organizations can now administer their clinical research data across multiple organizational units within a single system while giving each research group their own virtual environment when they use Version 11.0 of the OnCore® clinical and translational research platform. OnCore's creator, Forte Research Systems, Inc., has taken the system's signature configurability for supporting individual workflows at an organization down to the departmental level.


“While each research group or department feels like they are looking at their own instance of OnCore, the system provides true enterprise-wide visibility into the entire clinical research portfolio. And, when everyone uses the same clinical data repository, the duplication of effort related to data entry is virtually eliminated,” said Srini Kalluri , Founder, President, CEO, & Chief Customer Experience Officer at Forte Research Systems.

Beyond workflows, the configurability of OnCore extends to the look and feel as well as the behavior of the system. In Version 11.0, team members of individual organizational units see the unique configuration for their own group including department-specific drop-down menus, electronic case report forms, and staff lists.

“We're truly proud that we can support the enterprise-wide viewpoint while still supporting the local nuances of individual groups,” said Kalluri. “Now sites have an additional option besides systems that just cater to the lowest common denominator.”

In addition to this much anticipated functionality, there are more than 200 enhancements in OnCore Version 11.0. Enhancements were made in such areas as reporting, administration, clinical trial financials management, workflow support, protocol calendar development, regulatory and billing compliance, security, biospecimen management, and registries management. Additionally, a great deal of work went into the Software Developer’s Toolkit (SDK), which allows OnCore to interface with a variety of external systems.

Enhancements in Version 11.0 spanned the entire OnCore product portfolio. In addition to the Clinical Research Management product, OnCore-CRM, there is also OnCore for Biospecimen Management (OnCore-BSM) and OnCore for Unified Registries Management (OnCore-URM).  

Like the efficiencies that are realized when the entire clinical research enterprise leverages the same system, similar benefits are realized from the fact that the three products are pre-integrated with each other.  

“When the research enterprise implements all three products, the data at each touchpoint becomes exponentially more meaningful,” said Tony O'Hare, PhD, Co-Founder, Vice President of Engineering, & Chief Collaboration Officer at Forte Research Systems. “For example, the hospital might capture some data on each new patient using a registry in OnCore-URM as a way to study trends in their patient population. If one of those patients enrolls in a clinical trial, their demographic data is already in the system and may be accessed from within the OnCore-CRM product. As part of that patient's participation, there may be blood or tissue samples which are collected and managed within OnCore-BSM, and again, relevant demographics and diagnosis information is available to augment the specimen data.”

In its 11-year history, collaboration has been a fundamental tenant of Forte Research Systems' product development process. This has never been more apparent than in the work that was done for Version 11.0 of the OnCore platform. There were five OnCore Enhancement Focus Groups that participated in defining and prioritizing enhancements for Version 11.0. About 30 representatives from an average of 17 organizations participated in each group.

“A great deal of credit for the enhancement ideas that went into this version of OnCore is due to all the subject matter experts from our customer community who dedicated their time and energy to participate in OnCore Enhancement Focus Groups,” said O'Hare.

About Forte Research Systems

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin , Forte Research Systems, Inc. develops clinical and translational research management software. The company's flagship product, the OnCore® system, is the nation's most widely adopted clinical research platform among academic research organizations and cancer centers. The OnCore platform is the result of over a decade of experience working closely with large research organizations, including institutes funded by the NIH's Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program and forty percent of the NCI designated cancer centers. The company's newest offering, the cloud-based Allegro™ product line is built for clinical research operations excellence with no software to install and no systems administration required.

For information about the OnCore clinical research informatics platform, contact Forte Research Systems at (608) 826-6002 or visit the company online at

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