Op amp filter removes GSM burst noise

Milpitas, Calif. — Intersil Corp.'s operational amplifier features an 8-MHz low-pass filter that is said to remove Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) noise from the video band — and it also serves as an anti-aliasing filter.

The ISL59111 op amp/video driver comes in a 1 x 1.5-mm chip scale package (CSP) and integrates an operational amplifier, filter and sync-tip clamp onto a single, compact device. It is guaranteed to a 0.7-mm maximum height constraint and specified for operation from -40°C to +85°C.

“Input is sensed below the ground rail so the device can see the negative sync pulse of a video signal better than any competitive device now available,” said Kathryn Tucker, marketing manager for Intersil's video product group. “This new single supply video driver is very highly integrated. The filter removes GSM burst noise while the sync-tip clamp positions the video signals so they will move through the amplifier smoothly,” she said.

The ISL59111 op amp features inputs capable of reaching down to 0.15 volts below the negative rail. Additionally, an enable high pin shuts the part down in under 14 nanoseconds.

The ISL59111 video driver can be used in battery-operated communication, instrumentation, and modern industrial applications such as video on demand, cable set-top boxes (STBs), DVD players, and high-definition television (HDTV). It can also drive video output on mobile phones and other handheld devices like PDAs and MP3 players and it can drive video output to a printer or computer from a digital camera.

Key features of the three-pole output reconstruction filter include a -3 dB roll-off frequency of 8 MHz, a slew rate of 40 V/microsecond, a 2-milliamp supply current, a 2.5 V to 3.6-V supply rail and rail-to-rail output. In addition, the package can be mounted between the pins of a BNC connector.

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The ISL59111 is available now and is priced at $1.59 in 1,000-unit quantities. Click here for the ISL59111 data sheet.

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