Op-amp for high-end audio touts benchmark performance

Santa Clara, Calif.&#8212National's LM4562 dual audio operational amplifier for high-end audio, medical imaging, and industrial applications, touting a total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N) of just 0.00003 percent, claims benchmark performance for its combination of high speed, low distortion, wide operating voltage, and high output drive.

The proprietary design has a low-input noise density of 2.7 nV/sqrt Hz at 217 Hz, 1/f noise corner of 60 Hz, slew rate of 20 V/microsecond, unity-gain bandwidth of 6 MHz, gain-bandwidth of 56 MHz, and 600-ohm output drive. The LM4562, which can deliver up to 45 mA, is unity-gain stable over a supply range of &plusmn2.5 to &plusmn17 volts. Common-mode and power-supply rejection (PSRR) is more than 108 db. The op amp's output can swing to within 1 volt of the supply voltage rails when driving a 2-kilohm load, or to within 1.5 volts when driving a 600-ohm load.
Other features include a no-click, no-pop mute function,
and thermal shutdown and output short-circuit protection.

Click here for additional information and to order samples and evaluation boards. The LM4562, in a standard 8-lead SOIC package, is priced at $2.35 each in 1k quantities, and $2.65 in a DIP package. It also comes in a metal can package, priced at $9.95 each in 100-unit quantities. Lead-free package options are also available. Single and quad versions of the op-amp will be available in early 2007.

National Semiconductor , 1-408-721-5000,

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