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Op amp overcomes precision/protection tradeoff dilemma

NORWOOD, Mass.—It's not news that engineering design is often about facing tradeoffs, and one of the frequent ones is analog precision versus ruggedness. In op amps, this often translates to balancing precision performance versus overvoltage protection.

Analog Devices, Inc. maintains that their ADA4096-2 dual op amp is the first to offer high precision along with ±30 V of integrated input over-voltage protection (OVP). This level of internal OVP for inputs, which extends 32 V above and below the supply rails, means that analog designers using the ADA4096-2 can eliminate or minimize their external OVP design and components.

The op amp targets industrial sensors and other applications needing precision signal handling, high accuracy and ultra-low power consumption, such as process controls, high-density or loop-powered industrial instrumentation, and battery-powered medical devices where voltage levels can drop or spike quickly.

Key specifications include :

•Rail-to-rail input and output swing

•Micropower: 60 μA/amplifier

•Unity gain bandwidth: 800 kHz @ Vsy = 30V, 550 kHz @ 10V, 475 kHz @ 3.0V

•Offset voltage: 250 μV (maximum); 35 μV (typical)

•Open-loop gain: 125 dB (typical);

•Temperature drift: 1 μV/°C (typical)

•Voltage noise: 27 nV/√Hz

•Operates from a 3- to 30-V single-voltage supply over the extended industrial temperature range (−40°C to +125°C)

•Unity-gain stable

•No phase reversal

Pricing and availability : The ADA4096-2 is available now in volume, in 8-lead LFCSP or 8-
lead MSOP packages. It is priced at $1.87 each (1000-piece orders).

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