Op amp pair offers 5- to 16-V operating range

Norwood, Mass.—Analog Devices' latest precision operational amplifiers (op amps) deliver a combination of accuracy, power efficiency and versatility with a wide 5-V to 16-V operating range for an assortment of industrial, medical and consumer applications.

Manufactured on Analog Devices' proprietary iCMOS high-voltage industrial process technology, the precision op amps are available in packages that are 70 percent smaller than competing devices, making them suitable for high-density and portable applications where board space is at a premium, according to the company.

The AD8663 is a 16-V precision, low noise, rail-to-rail op amp that addresses the performance, power and cost requirements of portable and
battery-operated applications, such as patient monitors, defibrillators, remote industrial controls and optical sensors.

According to ADI, the AD8663 incorporates its patented DigiTrim in-circuit trimming technology to achieve low offset voltage, 90-dB CMRR (common mode rejection ratio), and 105-dB PSRR (power supply rejection ratio), thus providing 90 percent better accuracy than other devices in its class.

The AD8663 also features a maximum voltage offset drift of 450 microvolts at 125°C over a wide input range. In addition, the AD8663 consumes 180 microamps while keeping low-frequency voltage noise at 21 nV/rt-Hz.

Pricing: The AD8663 is available in an 8-lead LFCSP (3 mm x 3 mm, lead-frame chip-scale package) for $0.64 per unit or an 8-pin SOIC (small-outline integrated circuit) package for $0.60 per unit, both in 1,000-piece quantities.
Availability: The AD8663 precision op amp, and a dual-channel version, the AD8667, are sampling now and will be available in full production quantities in July 2007.

The AD8638 is a 16-V zero-drift precision op amp designed for industrial instrumentation, automotive and sensor applications that must accommodate wide variations in temperature, power supply, load and input signal without introducing signal conditioning errors.

The AD8638 extends the operating voltage and temperature range for
both single- and dual-supply applications and is the first to combine the size, power and performance advantages of the iCMOS industrial manufacturing process with Analog Devices' patented auto-zero and low-drift technologies. The result is a device with 140-dB CMRR and 140-dB PSRR, making it up to 10-dB more accurate than competitive zero-drift op amps.

Pricing: The AD8638 ships in a SOT-23 package and is priced at
$1.20 per unit in 1,000-piece quantities.
Availability: Sampling now; available in full production quantities in September 2007.

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